By engaging the Contractor and paying the deposit, the Customer confirms they have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions

The Customer warrants that it owns or has lawfully acquired the right to make use of the audio material supplied to the Contractor for mastering purposes and the Customer hereby indemnifies the Contractor against any and all losses, claims, actions proceedings that may be commenced or claimed against the Contractor by the rightful owner of the audio material or any other third party with standing;

The Customer must ensure that the received storage media is complete, functional and without errors prior to duplication or reproduction of the media or the material contained therein. The Customer warrants that upon receipt of the digital media provided by the Contractor, the Customer shall listen to the master copy before delivering it for duplication / reproduction/ distribution/ cutting.
The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Contractor shall not be obliged to create and maintain archival records and copies of the Services at any time.

In the event of defects in the Services supplied being identified within the periodof 14 days, the Contractor’s liability is limited to supplying the Services again, or refund the cost of the Services supplied, whichever the Contractor elects to do in its absolute discretion;

Any dates specified for provision of the Services are estimates only. The Contractor will use all reasonable endeavours to provide the Services by the dates specified but does not warrant that such provision will be met.Cancellations can be made up until any files have been uploaded and any credits can be refunded (within 3 working days) at full price if unused.

The Customer and the Contractor will initially use all reasonable endeavors to resolve any dispute arising under this Agreement within 10 Business Days of a party being advised by written notice of such a dispute.

The Customer shall, at all times and under all circumstances takes full responsibility for the political, sexual, violent or otherwise immoral words, concepts or gestures contained in audio materials supplied to the Contractor and the Contractor shall be at liberty to refuse to provide the Services if, in so doing, the Contractor will be forcibly committing a criminal act.

Turnaround time of 4-14 days depending for audio work
Lesson, mix/master and feedback credits are displayed on discord upon request (physical copies are kept), there is only limited availability for lesson slots, contact me to book a weekly time!
Master Files delivered digitally or contact directly to arrange for pick up/drop off for CD/ download to USB.